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Dear Candiotty and Benoziyo residents,

Sustainability and environmental awareness have always been a priority at The Weizmann Institute of Science, yet there is always more to do toward a greener campus. The Candiotty and Britannia buildings have a new waste treatment service that makes sure single-use items will end up in the right place.

Allows prefer to use durables and reusable items, but if you have to use single-use, make sure it's compostable and throw it into the compostable bin! We'll take it from there.


In an attempt to address the issue of intensive use of disposable plastic dining ware on campus, the Weizmann sustainability office is introducing the use of internationally certified biodegradable dining ware, and its proper collection and disposal after use. This includes the transfer of used biodegradable dining ware to the compost “Or” site, where the used utensils will enter the compost cycle production, eventually turning into quality fertilizer for agricultural use.

So what now?

1. Get Your Bio Take-Away: Ask for the biodegradable tableware from the cashier (San Martin) or server (Karnaf)




2. Let’s close the loop: After use, take your biodegradable tableware to the compostable waste bin located at Candiotty and Britannia buildings 


3. We'll take it from here: Save It's team will transfer used biodegradable dining ware to compost “Or”, where they will enter the compost cycle production, eventually turning into quality fertilizer for agricultural use


4. THANK YOU for helping us close the loop - We would love to hear your feedback.

Save-It is a company that provides Zero Waste to Landfill solutions for large companies, government offices, and events, and has been chosen to run the pilot at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Save it has worked with Microsoft, The Azriely Group, Tel-Aviv Museum, and many more, and was recently chosen to service the upcoming Tel Aviv Marathon. During the upcoming two weeks, "Save-It" representatives will attend the campus to introduce the project and offer the necessary instructions. If you would like to give your input please contact Adriana Reuveny, Head of Sustainability.

Weizmann Office of Sustainability 




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